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New Video! Celprogen 's 3D printed Human Heart derived from adult cardiac stem cells, functional physiological activities

Aug 26th 2016

This 3D printed Human Heart was coated and seeded with Human Adult Cardiac Stem Cells. The 3D scaffold was populated with two T225 Human Cardiac Stem Cells 36099-26-T225, and with Human Adult Cardiac Cells 36044-14-T225. The scaffold was coated with ECM prior to seeding the cells. This heart is contracting and it has physiological activities similar to human heart. The print was reduced from adult 17 years old heart to 1/4 of its original size. The heart has been monitored up to 8 days and our goal is to keep it functional up to 14 days. This is a good model for human cardiac toxicity studies for drug discovery program at Celprogen.

To watch Youtube Video, click here.