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Welcome to Celprogen

is a biotechnology company developing stem cell research and therapeutics products for regenerative medicine in cardiology, oncology, diabetes & neurology. All of Celprogen’s biological products, including stem cells, cancer stem cells, iPC’s & media including ECM’s, are manufactured and produced in the United States of America.

provides novel molecular diagnostics and therapeutic product development solutions for Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Invitro diagnostics and academic partnership for drug discovery.

Our Services

Tissue Culture
Custom cell line development
Stable cell lines with specific gene expression

Cell based Assays
For Characterization of Stem cells embryonic & adult
For Characterization of Cancer stem cells

Stem Cell Technologies
Generation of cancer specific stem cells
Gene profile, protein & kinase profile

Tissue Culture Medium
Custom Media formulation for specific cell type
Custom Media formulation for cancer stem cells


Has focused its Drug Discovery efforts in the development of Pharmaceutical agents and Drugs in the following categories: Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Neurological, Renal and Metabolic disorders.

Provides research tools & solutions for assays, enzymes, antibodies, antigens, stem cells, Tissue culture expansion and differentiation media, primary and established cell cultures, tumor markers, cardiac markers, proteomic and genomic reagents and assay systems for life science academic and pharmaceutical communities.

Provides novel ELISA based assay, protein array, DNA array and cellular based assay systems that are cost effective for Research and Invitro diagnostics Indutstries.