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  • Micro-Incubator


    Micro-Tissue Culture Real-Time Imaging Microscope Incubator The Micro-Tissue Culture Real time imaging incubator is a humidified Carbon Dioxide incubator that sits on the microscope stage with a continuous flow of tissue culture media. The tissue culture...

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  • Microscope chambers for tissue culture

    Microscope Chambers for Tissue Culture

    Microscope Chambers for Tissue Culture Features: These microscope slides can grow cells, the volume of the wells are 10 ul per well. These microscope slides are to be placed in a Petri dish with sterile water Placed slide in the incubator If you do not...

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  • Micro-Plated Reader & Spectrophotometer

    Micro-Plated Reader & Spectrophotometer

    High Throughput Analysis for Genomic and Proteomics Assay Platforms CELPROGEN introduces CPG 2000 Spectrophotometer and Micro-plate reader for high throughput analysis of Genomic DNA, Total RNA , Nucleic acid assays and ELISA assay for Genomic and...

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